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Welcome to DM Kite-surfing school!

DM Kite-surfing school is IKO affiliated kitesurfing center that meets the standards of safety, equipment and has a tutorial background that respects the international rules of teaching. Unified standards generate more consistent results for students to become independent kiteboarders, as well as set quality criteria for training.

All safety equipment, such as helmets, wetsuits, life jackets and harnesses  is provided during kitesurfing lessons, rentals and supervision.  Due to local weather conditions, DM kitesurfing school is open from April to October, with yearly getaway winter camps in Zanzibar (mid of January – beginning of February). We offer kitesurfing lessons for beginners from the age of  11.

Zanzibar Winter Camp 2023

DM kite-surfing school kindly invites all beginners and experienced kite-surfers to a winter camp in Zanzibar, South Africa. A beautiful, cozy island of Zanzibar provides great conditions for learning and practicing kite-surfing in wintertime, when most of the Europe is covered by a thick layer of snow and dull sky.

Little bit about me

Few facts about me and my life with a kite. But I’m spending more time in water than on the ground

School established



Teaching hours

My name is Dmitrijus, and I’m your professional kite-surfing teacher.

DM Kite-surfing school is a community that gathers wind-lovers in and around Copenhagen and Northern Zealand (Nordsjælland). It has been established by IKO certified instructor Dmitrijus Matochinas and is driven with focus on high quality services, open communication and customer satisfaction.

Spots where I'm teaching

Sydvestpynten spot
Sydvestpynten is situated 20km away from Copenhagen. This spot is shallow and convenient for both beginners and experienced riders, as it is composed of a little lake and open sea. There is a free parking area.
Location: Kalvebodvej 274, 2791 Dragør.

Sylten spot
Sylten is located close to Kastrup airport, with the great view to the Oresund bridge. The spot is surrounded by wild meadow and is perfect for lessons on shore. It is a shallow spot with little sandbank 300m ashore that allow to safely practice water exercises. Sylten spot provides free parking lot and a cafe for excited and exhausted students.
Location: Søndre Stranvej 50, 2791 Dragør.

Lynæs spot
Lynæs is one of the most suitable and one of the most popular kite-surfing spots for beginners in northern Sjælland. Nearly all wind directions are suitable for lessons and kite-surfing. Beautiful settings and plenty of space for kite launch, shallow water (up to 1m) in 800m radius. During summer season water heats up to 20 degrees, providing pleasant time in water for freshmen. It is a great spot to make first steps in kite-surfing. For convenience of thirsty, hungry and tired students there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in Lynæs harbor next door to the spot.
Location: Lynæs Havnevej 8a, 3390 Hundested.


Training offers

Always know what you’ll pay for.


Still in doubt weather kitesurfing
is a perfect fit for you?


Group session (max.4 students)

More info about the course

Still in doubt weather kite-surfing is a perfect fit for you? The ‘Discovery’ course package provides you an opportunity to dive into the philosophy of the water sport, get known with the gear and its maintenance, learn the basic rules and regulations, gain flying skills with a training kite. This 2-hour onshore demo session held privately or in a group pictures the essence of kite-surfing and gives opportunity to experience it without investing in extended lessons and gear.

Private session: 550 kr/h
Group Session max 4 people: Price 400kr per person

‘Discovery’ course includes: selecting spots, safe wind directions, S.E.A. (site, environment, activity), basic flying skills (with training kite on shore), set up of equipment, safety systems in launching and landing, ‘wind window’ theory (power zone, drop zone, edge of wind window, zenith, kite clock), right-of-way rules (starboard rider, the golden rule), weather analysis (clouds, currents, tides etc.).


Already decided that kitesurfing
is your passion?


kr/7h Private course 
Group course (max. 2 students)

More info about the course

Already decided that kite-surfing is your passion? Take a thorough 2-day (7 hour) A to Z kite-surfing course that will lead you to an independent rider’s path.

Private course: 2450 kr/7h
Group course (max. 2 students): 2200 kr/7h per person

‘Beginner’ course includes:

Day 1 – ‘Discovery’ package ( 2-hour session );
Day 2 – Becoming an independent rider (5-hour session): equipment (setup inflatable kite with a full de-power system), quick release system’s technique (let go of the bar, release the chicken loop, release the leash), self rescue and pack-down technique (handling potentially dangerous, extreme situations), kite piloting for water start (power stroke, body positioning for water start), kite control and flight skills in water (enter and exit the water independently, water re-launch of the kite, body dragging upwind and board recovery).


Have just completed the
‘Beginner’ course and still don’t feel confident on board?



More info about the course

Have just completed the ‘Beginner’ course and still don’t feel confident on board? Or maybe haven’t practiced for some time and need to refresh skills? Extra private lessons, recorded on camera, are the perfect fit providing full instructor’s focus on your far-reaching progress.

‘Beginner plus’ course: 700 kr (1 hour)


Kite equipment rental is provided to riders with minimum IKO level 3K
(riding upwind) qualification.

More info about rental

Kite equipment rental is provided to riders with minimum IKO level 3K (riding upwind) qualification. There is a possibility to obtain IKO certification at our school.

  • Kiteboard: 200kr/4h or 400kr/8h
  • Kite with bar: 400kr/4h or 600kr/8h
  • Complete kite package
    (kite, bar, pump, kiteboard): 500kr/4h or 800kr/8h
  • Complete wetsuit set (wetsuit, helmet, life vest, harness, boots): 200kr/4h or 350kr/8h
  • SUP (stand up paddle board): 150kr/h or 500kr/8h


New offer! Party unicorn rental.
Capacity: 6 people (550kg). 600kr/6h.


Don’t be a beginner forever! Improve your skills and learn new tricks (basic jump, transition jump, Back Roll, Back Roll Hand Drag and much more).



More info about the course

Don’t be a beginner forever! Improve your skills and learn new tricks (basic jump, transition jump, Back Roll, Back Roll Hand Drag and much more).

‘Progression’ course: 800 kr (1 hour)

‘Progression’ course includes: theoretical and technical part of the selected trick, practice in water, analysis of the filmed material, tips.


Amateur in kitesurfing? Haven’t been practicing for a while? Remember: safety first! Repeat the safety course for kite-surfers and become a decent rider.


kr/1,5 h

More info about the course

Amateur in kite-surfing? Haven’t been practicing for a while? Remember: safety first! Repeat the safety course for kite-surfers and become a decent rider.

‘Back to Basics’ course: 350 kr (1,5 hour)

Back to Basics’ course includes: self-rescue and pack-down, self-landing for kite, safety in water rules and regulations, weather condition analysis.


Are you an experienced rider who hasn’t obtained IKO certification? Then this service is for you! Qualify for the international IKO certificate and ride safely worldwide!


kr/ h

More info about the course

The process of certification requires that you have all the skills, competence and knowledge adherent to IKO level 3 (or higher levels) and are able to demonstrate it to the instructor.

IKO-certifying session (up to 3h): 300 kr/hour)

This session includes:

  • Theoretical knowledge test
  • Assistance with the kite set up, launching and landing
  • Self-rescue and pack down techniques
  • Surveilance and evaluation of riding skills
  • Coaching
  • Assistance with downloading IKO App for a virtual card certification


DM kitesurfing school offers private hydrofoil lessons and includes partial (bringing your own kite) or full equipment provision.


kr/ h

More info about the course

Participating in hydrofoil lessons requires prior excellent kite control and kiteboarding balance. Hydrofoil is not for beginners but for advanced, confident kiteboarders! It takes approximately 3-5 hours to begin feeling balance on hydrofoil, depending on personal skills and learning pace. Therefore, a shorter mast is used in order to ease first steps.

Price: 495/h private lesson

All prices include Danish tax, moms: 25% tax

  • Payment must be made before your course starts
  • Payment can be done by  -MobilePay or -Cash

DM kite-surfing school provides students with wests, helmets and kite-surfing gear. Bringing ones own neoprene costume gives 10% discount on a selected course. There is a possibility to get a neoprene costume from school, providing information on size in advance.
Kite-surfing is one of the extreme sports, therefore individual sports insurance is a necessity.

Last minute Christmas gift.

Still looking for a Cristmas gift to beloved ones?
Kitesurfing lessons for true water sport lovers are what you’ve been looking for! Gift vouchers are wrapped for Christmas and available for purchase!
Gift certificates range from 550kr to 2450kr. Kitesurfing lessons begin in April 2023 and ends in October in accordance to weather conditions.

Do you have any questions?

As a kitesurfing beginner you might a have lot of questions. We have collected some frequently asked questions for you.

1. Is kite-surfing dangerous?

There are many pre-assumptions and misconceptions on this topic that are, unfortunately, triggered by numerous online platforms. Major failure and crash videos cast a shadow on kitesurfing and do not necessarily represent this water sport in an objective way.

Yes, kitesurfing is an extreme sport with its dangers and risks, but it has significantly developed and progressed since year 2000, transforming from a concept to a highly developed sport, investing millions of dollars into safety features yearly. Modern equipment alongside with certified kitesurfing lessons mitigate risks involved and allow kitesurfing to be tried nearly by everyone.

2. Is kite-surfing an expensive sport?

Kitesurfing was initially created as sports for everyone. Yet, it might not seem so when obtaining your own kitesurfing equipment: full beginner package might vary from €1700 and €2700, depending on brand, model, kite and board sizes. There is always possibility to obtain full packages or separate items of your preference. New gear means highest safety and most comfortable riding experience, but second-hand gear is a good option too when having a limited. It is always a good idea to consult with your kitesurfing instructor who can guide you and help to choose the most optimal gear and make your beginnings easier!

3. Do I have to be strong to kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is not about strength, it is about harnessing wind. What you need is to obtain knowledge how to ride safely and technically, the rest of the job is done by kite and wind.

4. How long will it take me to learn kite-surfing?

Like any other learning process, learning to kitesurf depends on student’s individual capabilities and engagement. Statistically, 2-3 lessons are enough to grasp the essence of kitesurfing, after which progression follows at individual pace.

5. What age can my child start learning to kitesurf?

According to the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO), it is optimal to start at the age of 11-12 due to numerous safety restrictions. Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or accompanying adult during lessons. It is very important for parents to understand the fundamentals of kitesurfing in order for the child to practice safely after lessons.

6. What is an IKO certification?

IKO stands for ‘International Kitesurfing organization’ and is globally recognizable kitesurfing organization. It aims at learning, teaching and practicing kitesurfing in alignment with international safety standards that are updated yearly. IKO certified instructors is your guarantee for a high quality trainings and value for money spent on courses. IKO certified instructors are authorized to issue IKO certificates for graduated students, which is important for those who are aiming at future instructor career, as well as gives you many benefits while renting gear at IKO affiliated centers.

7. I’ve done surfing and wakeboarding in the past, will this help?

Experience in other water sports has its pros and cons. On one hand, it will help you with your center of gravity and give more confidence with riding a board. On the other hand, techniques learned are hard to override, so it might take some time to learn new habits and forget the old ones. Kitesurfing is 80% kite control and 20% board control and in many cases freshmen are progressing better.

8. What are the best conditions to learn kite-surfing?

There are two key factors to be considered before starting your lessons: geographical situation (kitesurfing spots) and wind conditions. The most optimal set up is flat, shallow water and 12-24 knots (6m/s to 12m/s respectively).

9. Why are kite-surfing lessons so expensive?

The lion’s share of the price consists of the cost of gear. Kitesurfing gear used by kitesurfing schools costs approximately €3000-€4000, excluding costs of maintenance and repairs. The cost of insurance and instructors’ salaries make up the rest of the costs that go into lesson prices.

10. Do I need kitesurfing lessons?

You can, of course, learn how to kitesurf on your own. BUT…kitesurfing is an extreme sports. Without proper theoretical background and practical lessons risk of injuries and equipment damages significantly grows. Kitesurfers (like car driver) are responsible for their own AND other peoples’ safety on shore and in water. To secure this, you need to learn how to use the equipment properly, observe and follow kitesurfing safety guidelines and recovery techniques. This is way much easier and safer to obtain with the help of a professional instructor.

Few school facts

1. Lessons with one of the best Cabrinha Switchblade kites

For me as a kitesurfing instructor, safety, security and comfort of students are the key aspects in teaching & learning process. Therefore in my school students are taught with Cabrinha Switchblade kites. Cabrinha Switchblade continues the legacy of simple and easy-to-use kites and is one of the most popular kite brands on earth. Cabrinha Switchblade kites are no-nonsense kites with uncompromising high-end performance in all aspects, they ‘forgive beginner mistakes’ and allows enjoying the ride at any time. The Switchblade offers a very smooth power delivery, easy re-launch and stable flight. From wave-riding, freestyle/wake-style, freeriding, and even a beginner kite, the Switchblade is capable of pushing everyone to the next level.

2. Max 1-2 person at the time

Quality is always above the quantity, therefore learning sessions are always carried out in small groups of max 2 students at a time. Such model of learning, when students constantly change each other in practicing different elements, allows to take a step aside, relax a bit and analyze situations in such way learning from ones own and partners’ mistakes. My observations and advises provided during such small breaks will allow you to progress faster and begin to ride on your own.

3. Why should you choose this school?

My mission is to prepare people for safe and independent kitesurfing. In order to make people happy and responsible kite-surfers I myself improve every day both as a rider and as an instructor by participating in various kitesurfing events, competitions and qualifying seminars around the world. My knowledge and my passion for kite-surfing will allow you to get an easy start and quickly improve your knowledge and technique. If you are searching for high quality kitesurfing lessons where student’s needs are always top priority, where training plan is individually adapted to each student – DM kite-surfing school is definitely your choice!


Have any questions? Want to get more information about kite-surfing? Feel free to contact me and we will find the answers for you.

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