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Offering courses for all kind of experience levels, Safety is our highest priority for all courses… choose your course, the location and your time via our Viking booking software.

Once booking and payment procedures are accomplished you will receive a confirmation e-mail, including date, time and other valid information regarding course booked.

DM kitesurfing school provides students with wests, helmets and kiteboarding gear. Bringing ones’ own neoprene costume gives 10% discount on a selected course. There is a possibility to get a neoprene costume from school, providing information on size in advance.

DM kitesurfing school is fully insured and conducts lessons in accordance with the International Kite-boarding Organization (IKO) regulations. Students are obliged to align with their personal insurance companies regarding the scope of coverage in case of potential personal injury. Individual sports insurance is a necessity.




Still in doubt weather kiteboarding is a perfect fit for you? The ‘Discovery’ course package provides you an opportunity to dive into the philosophy of the water sport, get known with the gear and its maintenance, learn the basic rules and regulations, gain flying skills with a training kite. This 2-hour onshore demo session held privately or in a group pictures the essence of kiteboarding and gives opportunity to experience it without investing in extended lessons and gear.

Private session: 1.000 kr/2h
Group session max 2 pers.: 600 kr/pp – total 1.200 kr/2h (because your sharing gear)

Discovery course includes:

  • selecting spots,
  • safe wind directions, S.E.A. (site, environment, activity),
  • basic flying skills (with training kite on shore),
  • set up of equipment,
  • safety systems in launching and landing,
  • ‘wind window’ theory (power zone, drop zone, edge of wind window, zenith, kite clock),
  • right-of-way rules (starboard rider, the golden rule),
  • weather analysis (clouds, currents, tides etc.)

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Already decided that kiteboarding is your passion? Take a thorough
2-day (7 hour) A to Z kiteboarding course that will lead you to an independent rider’s path.

7h private course:  4.550 kr/7h
7h group course 2 pers. 2.275 kr/ pp – total 4.550 kr/7h

10h private course: 6.500 kr/10h
10h groupe course 2 pers. 3.500 kr/pp – total 7.000 kr/10h (because it takes time to learn kitesurfing)  

Beginner course includes:

Day 1: Discovery package (2-hour session)
Day 2: Becoming an independent rider (5-hour session):

  • equipment (setup inflatable kite with a full de-power system),
  • quick release system’s technique (let go of the bar, release the chicken loop,
    release the leash),
  • self-rescue and water pack-down technique (handling potentially dangerous, extreme situations),
  • kite piloting for water start (power stroke, body positioning for water start),
  • kite control and flight skills in water (enter and exit the water independently, water re-launch of the kite, body dragging upwind and board recovery).

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Beginner Plus

Have just completed the ‘Beginner’ course and still don’t feel confident on board? Or maybe haven’t practiced for some time and need to refresh skills? Extra private lessons, recorded on camera, are the perfect fit providing full instructor’s focus on your far-reaching progress.

3h private course 1 pers. 1.950 kr/pp
3h groupe course 2 pers. 1.125 kr/pp – total 2.250 kr
5h private course 1 pers. 3.250 kr/pp
5h groupe course, 2 pers.1.875 kr/pp – total 3.750 kr

Beginner Plus course includes:

  • one hand body drag
  • relaunching the kite
  • controlling of the kite with one hand
  • water start board work 

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Don’t be a beginner forever! Improve your skills and learn new tricks (basic jump, transition jump, Back Roll, Back Roll Hand Drag and much more).

Private course: 800 kr (1 hour)

Progression course includes:

  • theoretical and technical part of the selected trick,
  • practice in water,
  • analysis of the filmed material,
  • tips and guidance for further progression.

Frequently asked questions

Hydrofoil course

Participating in hydrofoil lessons requires prior excellent kite control and kiteboarding balance. Hydrofoil is not for beginners but for advanced, confident kiteboarders! It takes approximately 3-5 hours to begin feeling balance on hydrofoil, depending on personal skills and learning pace. Therefore, a shorter mast is used in order to ease first steps.

Private course: 900 kr/h 

Hydrofoil course includes:

  • hydrofoil riding theory
  • board management
  • proper body drag technique
  • riding and advanced skills

Frequently asked questions

IKO Certification

The process of certification requires that you have all the skills, competence and knowledge adherent to IKO level 3 (or higher levels) and are able to demonstrate it to the instructor.

IKO-certifying private session (up to 3h): 350 kr/h

This session includes:

  • Theoretical knowledge test
  • Assistance with the kite set up, launching and landing
  • Self-rescue and pack down techniques
  • Surveilance and evaluation of riding skills
  • Coaching
  • Assistance with downloading IKO App for a virtual card certification

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Gift Card

Still looking for a gift for someone special? Kiteboarding courses for true water sport lovers are what you’ve been looking for!

Gift certificates range from 1000 kr to 7000 kr

Kiteboarding courses begin in April and ends in October in accordance to weather conditions.

Frequently asked question about courses: 

As a kitesurfing beginner you might a have lot of questions. We have collected some frequently asked questions for you.


1. What happens after I have booked a course?

Once a course is booked you will receive a confirmation letter with booking details (such as date, time and place) and useful tips (what to bring with you).

2. Shall I pay in advance?

All courses are to be payed in advance.


3. Cancelation of courses

Kiteboarding sport is highly dependent on wind conditions. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule courses if the weather conditions are improper. It is the school that estimates if the conditions on the booked date are suitable for courses.

Customers may cancel lessons 48h before the lesson start. This is to be done via our booking system. If a course is cancelled more than 48h before the course start you may book a new lesson date and time or get a refund by paying 150 DKK/person administration fee.

If cancellation is done less than 48h before the course start full price of the lesson is to be payed.

4. Cancellation in terms of Covid-19

We are following the Danish Sundhedsstyrelsen recommendations regarding Covid-19. As for now, Covid-19 is classified as regular sickness which lands on common hindrance of not being able to participate in courses booked. Please follow our cancellation policy.

5. What shall I bring with me?

Our school provides students with all necessary equipment and facilities. It is good to have a towel, swimwear, sunscreen and sunglasses. Credit card or a small amount of cash to buy a snack, drink or lunch at the beach club.

6. Own wetsuit and neoprene shoes

Our school provides students with all the necessary equipment. However, for your own comfort it is good idea to bring your own wetsuit and shoes. Personal wetsuit will also provide you with 10% discount to total course price.

7. Can everyone participate in courses?

According to International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and our company terms and conditions, everyone above the age of 11 can participate in courses. We are currently not providing courses for the disabled or people with limited abilities.

All prices include Danish tax, moms: 25% tax

  • Payment must be made before your course starts
  • Payment can be done by  -MobilePay or -Cash

DM kite-surfing school provides students with wests, helmets and kite-surfing gear. Bringing ones own neoprene costume gives 10% discount on a selected course. There is a possibility to get a neoprene costume from school, providing information on size in advance.
Kite-surfing is one of the extreme sports, therefore individual sports insurance is a necessity.

Please also read our terms and conditions below

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